Solar Generator 2688Wh Portable Power Station with LiFePO4 Battery, 3000W (peak) AC output, 3 x 135W DC outputs, 4 x 18W USB outputs, 2 x 100W Type-C outputs, 2.5h fast recharging, outdoor Generator for Camping, Off-grid, Power Outage

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Extra Large Capacity & Fast Recharging Power Station: Your go-to solution for power on the move! Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for emergencies, camping, or any situation where portable power is essential. With multiple output options including AC, DC, USB, and Type-C, it can charge a variety of devices. Enjoy quick charging via AC, car outlet, or solar panel. Built with a durable LiFePO4 battery and advanced BMS, it ensures safety and stability. Plus, its smart LED display provides real-time updates for efficient power management. Don't let power limitations hold you back - stay charged wherever you go!

  • PORTABLE & COMPACT: Measuring dimensions of 23.5 x 15.0 x 15.8 cm (LWH) and weighing 3.2 kg, this portable power station features a sleek and lightweight construction. It's well-suited for emergencies at home, camping adventures, or any scenario demanding portable power or a charger. Ideal for students needing to charge various devices such as phones, laptops, iPads, PSPs, cameras, wireless headphones, mini fans, and more vis power banks or need it as camping accessories.

  • DIVERSE POWER SOLUTION MULTIPLE OUTPUTS: With a robust 2688 Wh (840000mAh, 3.2V) capacity, this portable power station provides a range of output possibilities. It encompasses AC output (Peak power 3000W), 2 x DC outputs (13.5V/10A, Max 135 W), 1 x Cigar socket (13.5V/10A), 4 x USB outputs (Max 9V/2A), and 2 Type-C outputs (Max 15V/3A) making it suitable for charging various devices making it an important camping gear.

  • QUICK & DUAL CHARGING OPTIONS: This Battery pack power bank rechargeable power station offers 3 charging modes. It takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge with the fast charging function. You can charge it with an AC adapter at home, through the car outlet during a road trip, or use a solar panel between 12-80V.

  • SECURED & ASSURED: Its durable LiFePO4 battery, with a lifespan of 2500 cycles, caters to both your routine and long-term power requirements. It guards against short circuits, maintains stable power flow to prevent overcurrent situations, and keeps voltage within safe limits. Precautions prevent both undervoltage and overload situations, ensuring operational integrity.

  • BMS – BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The integrated BMS effectively oversees the battery pack's status, preventing over-charging and over-discharging, dynamically monitoring the battery in real-time, and managing balanced charging and discharging for individual batteries. This ensures the safe and stable operation of the entire battery pack.

  • SMART LED DISPLAY: With its intuitive LED display, this power station offers real-time updates on battery status, power usage, and charging progress, empowering you to optimize usage and prioritize charging, particularly in outdoor or emergency scenarios.

  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 x Portable power station, 1 x AC line, 1 x User manual

Download your user manual here.

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