Corporate Responsibility

IMGadgets is a small business with high CSR values. We strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility by playing a positive role in the community and always considering how our business decisions impact the environment and society.

  1. Carbon Neutral Packaging:

IMGadgets have partnered with all our carrier services to create a sustainable packaging solution. This means that with every order we create and ship, we pay gratitude to the service providers to plant a tree and reduce our carbon footprint. Trees play a very vital role in the environment. Not only does it give oxygen, but they also help improve the air quality by filtering out the harmful dirt and dust that pollutes the air. The findings from the various major studies have proven that living in a leafy, green neighborhood leads to lower heart disease levels and contributes towards healthy living. At IMGadgets, we strongly believe our small business efforts will contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint. We are thankful to all our carrier services (UPS, FedEx, Purolator Inc, Canada Post, and many more) who have joined hands towards this initiative.

  1. Active Participation in Social Activities and Collaborating with organizations with a similar vision:

IMGadgets actively contribute to the social sweepstake organized by Second Harvest. We look forward to offering our products to the winners and participants who come forward and donate towards a greater cause. Second Harvest visions in growing an efficient food recovery network to reduce the impact of food waste on the environment.  We are glad to have joined them in their initiative. 

  1. Partnered with WFC

As known to many, World’s Finest Chocolates is one of the leading fundraising organizations in Canada. IMGadgets have partnered with WFC to offer free goodies/rewards to the participant kids who put an effort towards selling the chocolates and raising funds for the cause. The initiative by WFC has been activated for 80 years and has helped to raise more than 4$ 4 billion.

We at IMGadgets will strive towards growth, assuring we have minimum carbon footprints and growing our CSR values.