Distribution & Wholesale

Wholesale Partner Program

From top celebrities including Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx, the popularity of electric scooters/bikes and hoverboards is here and growing daily. Our very own Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays have purchased our Gyrocopter's Hoverboards.

If you are a business savvy individual and want to be a part of this tremendous industry. We welcome anyone interested in re-selling IMGadgets trademark electric scooters and electric bikes.
We are looking for dealers across Canada. Contact us to learn more, we'll typically reply within 1 working day.

Highlights of being an IMGadgets Distributor/Ambassador -

  1. Discounted wholesale price when you order a minimum of 10 units. 
  2. Enjoy benefits of marketing programs with major influencers and targeted digital media ads and campaigns.
  3. Stay updated with exclusive offers, new products and promotions.
  4. First-to-Market access to today's top trending tech products.


Business to Business Partner Program

We are looking for technology savvy companies to be part of our Gyrocopters Business to Business Partner Program.

You will have access to special product pricing for benefits including;

    • Reward for your top performers in your company?
    • Corporate gift for your employees, valued vendors and/or business partners
    • Staff being noticed by traveling by Hoverboard 

      To start, we would like for you to send us an email with the below information -

      Contact form