(Pick up in store) Re-certified Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 Portable Electric Scooter I Range 22-28 km l Speed 25 kms I 350 W Motor

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Before you first experience your Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 Electric Scooter, please read the USER MANUAL thoroughly and learn the basics to ensure your safety and the safety of others. It is highly recommended that your initial Gyrocopters experience be with a spotter who can assist you in centering your balance.

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  • How much human weight it can carry

    Gyrocotpers Flash 3.0 scooter can support upto 120KG

  • I I'm looking for 3 trotinette. 2 children 1 adults I whan to be Abel to go on ride for good range and Abel to ride most cycling road . I whan good speed, and the adults one I like to use daily for my traveling whit Bus and Metro what are my options

    Hello Steve,

    Thank you for your query. We suggest exploring our diverse collections, tailored to suit our Customer's variety of preferences. Here's the link - https://www.imgadgets.com/collections/gyrocopters-scooters . You can also get them delivered by ordering online, or you can pay & pick them up from our Warehouse directly.

    Thank you.