Re-certified Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike | 500 W motor e-Bike for adults | 20” Fat Tires Beach bike | Max Speed 32km | Range Up To 64 km | Shimano Professional Speed

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Experience the epitome of liberation and luxury with the Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike - a remarkable fat-tire e-bike. Embark on an exhilarating adventure as you immerse yourself in the captivating journey this luxury e-bike Hurley provides, igniting your exploration. Its bold design, handcrafted leather seat, and powerful 500W motor showcase its prowess. Transform your everyday commute into an exhilarating journey with the Hurley Mini Swell e-Bike, elevating your sense of thrill daily and adding fun as a beach bike.

Power: Equipped with a powerful brushless 500-watt motor and a 48-volt battery unit, the Hurley Electric Bike offers two ride modes: ride assist and throttle. This means you can spend more time tearing through the streets or trails, carrying all your gear effortlessly. Blending the best of both worlds, the Hurley Mini Swell is a street-legal powerhouse that enables you to cover more distance quicker while exuding a performance and style similar to urban motorcycles. It redefines the concept of electric bikes, eliminating the need for constant pedaling.

Range and Charge: Experience the thrill of twisting the motorcycle-style throttle, propelling yourself up to a speed of up to 32 km while expanding your horizons with a maximum range of 64 kilometers. With the Hurley Mini Swell electric bike, your backyard becomes a vast playground of possibilities. The secure lockable battery can be effortlessly removed using the included keys, allowing you to carry it in your bag conveniently. When it's time to recharge, connect it to a power source using the provided charging cable. The battery unit has a charge indicator informing you of its power level. It can be fully charged in approximately 4-5 hours, ensuring you're ready for your next epic adventure.

Dual Disk Brakes and Suspension: The triple-tree front suspension fork in the Hurley Mini Swell Electric bike works diligently to absorb bumps, providing a comfortable and seamless ride, whether on the street, dirt, sand or a combination of all terrains. With reliable front and rear disc brakes, you're well-equipped to handle unpredictable situations, ensuring your safety and control even in challenging conditions.

Style, Tech & Tires: Including a meticulously handcrafted leather seat, ergonomic comfort grips, sleek and streamlined design, and a strikingly aggressive moto-inspired front end, Hurley electric fat tire e-bike becomes the ultimate urban performance vehicle. Under the hood, it houses an array of impressive technological features. Take control and stay informed with the LCD display, effortlessly switch gears using the 6-speed Shimano shifter and illuminate your path with the bright LED headlight for night-time rides. Hurley E-bike blends style, comfort, and advanced technology for an unmatched riding experience. Featuring 4-inch-wide tires mounted on sturdy 20" alloy wheels, the Mini Swell boasts an impressive grip with its aggressive knobby treads, allowing it to conquer any surface easily.

85% Assembled: When you receive your new Hurley Mini Swell electric bike, you'll find it almost fully assembled, with all the necessary tools in the box. Allocate approximately 1 hour for the assembly process and conducting safety checks before embarking on your initial ride. Rest assured that all Hurley e-bikes have undergone rigorous testing and have received ACT, CPSC, and UL certifications, representing the highest standard in bicycle safety.

What's in the box: 1 x Hurley Mini Swell Electric Bike, 1x battery, 1x Instruction Manual, 1 x Charger, 1x Tools, 1 x Installation instructions

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