Gyrocopters Handheld One Wheel Scooter -

Gyrocopters Handheld One Wheel Scooter -
Kiwano scooter, electric scooter
kiwano scooter, electric scooter, handle scooter
kiwano scooter, electric scooter, handle scooter
Kiwano scooter , electric scooter ,

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With a powerful electric motor, natural responsive body control and smooth braking, the Gyrocopters Handheld One wheel Scooter is an incredible riding experience, like no other electric ride able.


Speed, Torque & Power: Completely custom designed wheel hub motor delivering ultimate performance

Rider Modes: Pro & Novice - adjust power & speed depending on skill level

Incline: Ability to climb typical urban hills of up to a 20% incline







Motor: 700W

Max Range : 25 Kms

High Speed Max Mode: 25 Kms

Wheel Size: 12 inch pneumatic wheel

Weight Limit: Up to 265 lbs

Bluetooth Speaker: Audio Built in Bluetooth Speaker

Battery Type: UL Certified Lithium ION

Hill Grade: Up to 20 Degrees

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Gyrocopters, you have 14 days from the postmark date to request a full refund providing the product and all original contents are included with the original packaging. A 20% restocking fee may apply. Any scratches, marks, damage etc. will void your eligibility for a refund. We do not replace for accidental damage.

Warranty Details and conditions

We are pleased to offer a 90 days product replacement/repair warranty for all our models. all defective merchandise, unless otherwise defined on this page, are eligible for repair within 90 days from the original purchase date. 

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, wheel or any other physical damage or liquid damage caused to your parts or your unit by improper usage or improper handling. 

Warranty does not cover over-charging, or damages due to improperly maintaining the lithium battery installed in the unit. Opening or altering your device will void any original manufacturer warranty. 

By opening your unit, you acknowledge that you assume all responsibility for your device, and its functionality or lack thereof. We assume no liability for loss or damages caused by unsafe riding and/or improper usage. Our warranty does not cover when used unsafely or out of limits.

Gyrocopters will only accept returns of unused and undamaged products that are returned in the original packaging within 14 days of your purchase date. 

Important: This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any attachments, stunts, tricks, loss of parts, over-load or subject in the product to any but the specified voltage. Use of unauthorized replacement parts will void warranty. This warranty is only eligible for the purchase of the initial Gyrocopters. No responsibility is assumed for any special incidental or consequential damages.