Re-certified Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 Portable Electric Scooter with Dual Rear Shocks, Burst Proof Tires, 37V/ 7500 mah Robust Battery, 350W Powerful brushless Motor, Cruise Control, Foldable. Top Speed 25km/hr

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  • 350W Brushless Motor: The powerful 350W brushless motor gives you the option to choose from 2-speed modes. You can adjust your speed from low-speed mode at 15km/h or sport mode at 25km/h. The powerful brushless motor goes hand-in-hand with the double shock absorption system, making your ride as comfortable as possible.

  • Burst-Proof Solid Tires: Never worry about a punctured tire ever again! These 8.5-inch solid rubber tires are shock-absorbing, making it the ultimate smooth ride. The 350W brushless motor provides stable output, meaning you won't have to worry about any bumps in the road! The rear disk braking system allows for a highly responsive brakes. The rear red light will turn on to inform others around you.

  • Feel Safe While You Ride: The Gyrocopters- Flash 3.0 Portable Electric Scooter is all about safety, which is why it comes equipped with bright LED headlights! Never worry about riding in the dark again. The powerful dashboard allows you to control your speed mode, keep track of the battery level, and lights all from the LCD display!

  • Easily Portable One Step Folding Mechanism: The Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 Electric Scooter’s intelligent design and one-step folding mechanism makes it one of the highly portable electric scooters. The light weight design makes Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 the best daily commuter scoter in the E-scooter segment.

  • Multifunctional Display: The interactive display is engineered to show you current speed, 2 different speed modes, battery capacity and headlight indication. The scooter’s on-board system ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

  • Please reach out to our very friendly customer service for any questions and concerns. Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 does require occasional maintenance, breaks should be tighten every 30 days and battery should be charged every few days to get the optimized range out of scooter

  • Range: 37V/ 7500 mah robust battery will last for upto 30Kms

  • Push to start: Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 electric scooter comes with a safety feature of push to start. Push the scooter/gain the momentum and then press the accelerator
Before you first experience your Gyrocopters Flash 3.0 Electric Scooter, please read the USER MANUAL thoroughly and learn the basics to ensure your safety and the safety of others. It is highly recommended that your initial Gyrocopters experience be with a spotter who can assist you in centering your balance.

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  • where do i find the screws for the steering pipe

    Please email for parts enquires.


  • Why does my Flash 3.0 cuts off as soon as it goes from 3 bars running great and seconds after it gets to 2 bars it cuts off no power nothing. If this is the way they work then I will never buy another one and I'm lucky to get 5-6 km from a full charge

    Hello Michael, we're sorry to hear about the situation you're facing. Could you please send an email at with your proof of purchase? Our team will assist you in resolving this issue.
    Thank You
    Team IMGadgets

Customer Reviews

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Arlene Cabral

It’s great. My daughter commutes to work on it every day and my son like scooting around the neighborhood on it. Thank you

Richard Lirette

So far so good ...i being only 14 days

Awesome Scooter!

The Flash 3.0 is an amazing electric scooter. The 350W motor has plenty of power and the 2 speed modes are great.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

I was surprised by how smooth and comfortable the Flash 3.0 is to ride. The dual shocks and solid tires make it very plush.

Impressive Range

I can easily get the claimed 28km range on a single charge. The 7500mAh battery is very impressive.