Macfox Cybertrack 100 26" Electric Mountain Bike l Shimano Professional Speed l 350W Powerful Motor l16.7Inch Frame

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  • Long Range and Fast Recharge: Cruise for 30+ miles (48+ kilometers) in all-electric mode and reach up to 80-91km (50-55miles) in pedal-assist mode. Fully recharge the 375Wh battery in just 3 hours, ready for your next ride.
  • With the Bafang 350W brushless motor at its core, the Cybertrack C-100 mountain E-bike can reach an impressive top speed of up to 32km, offering robust and reliable performance. You can confidently rely on this high-performance motor for your riding needs. Additionally, the bike features pedal-assist and throttle modes, providing versatile options to enhance your riding experience.
  • Pedal-Assist & Throttle Mode: Cybertrack C-100 mountain E-bike offers five levels of pedal assistance, ensuring you receive the ideal amount of support while you ride. If you prefer to cycle without assistance, switch to level 0 or turn off the power. When you feel like taking a break from pedaling, you can rely on the powerful all-electric propulsion by twisting the throttle.
  • Dual Disk Brakes and Suspension: To enhance the riding experience, this mountain electric bike features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame built to withstand wear and tear. It is equipped with a front suspension fork to a smooth and comfortable ride further. The Cybertrack c-100 e-bike also incorporates mechanical disc brakes that deliver powerful and responsive braking, ensuring safety even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Shimano Gear: With Cybertrack 100 mountain e-bike, experience effortless navigation across any terrain with unparalleled efficiency. Whether you ride without power assistance, rest assured that you will always have the appropriate gear to tackle the challenge effortlessly with this electric bike.
  • Unlock Speed: For safety reasons, ebike is limited to 20KM/hr speed, please watch the video to unlock the speed and use caution when riding at full speed.
  • What's in the box: 1 x Cybertrack E-bike frame , 1 x Wheel, 1 x Saddle , 2 x Pedals 1 x Disk brakes 1 x Quick Release, 2 x Reflectors, 1 x Rear Derailleur , 1 x Charger , 1x battery, 6 x screws M5*10, 2 x Screw m5*10, 5 x tool, 1x Instruction Manual ,1 Greeting card

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Loaded with a 375W battery and a range of 30+ miles, the Macfox Cybertrack 100 is a great choice for you to explore trials and move around the city. Front Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience even on irregular terrains. 


Long Range and Fast Recharge

Cruise for up to 48 kilometres in all-electric mode and considerably further in pedal-assist mode. Fully recharge the 375Wh battery in just 3 hours, ready for your next ride.

Powerful Motor

The Bafang 350W brushless motor boosts the bike to a top speed of 20mph (32kph). It’s a high-performance motor you can really depend on.

Pedal-Assist & Throttle Modes

Get some exercise and enjoy your cycling without overdoing it. Five levels of pedal assistance give you the right amount of support as you ride (to cycle without assistance, switch to level 0, or turn off the power). When you don’t want to pedal at all, just twist the throttle for powerful all-electric propulsion.

Front Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes

The durable aluminum alloy frame is complemented by a front suspension fork for a smoother and more comfortable riding experience. Mechanical disc brakes provide stronger, more responsive braking for safe stopping in all weather conditions.

Shimano Speed Gear System

Tackle any terrain with efficiency and ease. You’ll always have the right gear, even if you ride without power assistance.

What's in the box

1 x Macfox bike, 1x battery, 1x Instruction Manual, 2 x Reflector/1 x Charger/Tools/1 x Installation instructions

Product Specification

Speed 20mph(32kph)
Gear Speed Gear
Colour Black
Breaks Dual Disk Brake
Material Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Display LED Display 
Brand Macfox
Pedal-Assist & Throttle Modes


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  • is this bike suitable for someone who's 5ft11?

    Yes it will work, seatis height adjustable and you can move as per your requiremnts. 


  • Will this be best for Uber eats work

    Yes, thsi can be used for ubereat and local delivereies. 

    With pedal assist tech it can last for almost 100 km.