Re-certified Gyrocopters Frost Electric City Bike | 350 W Motor | 14-inch Tires | Speed up to 25kmh |Battery Range up to 30km | Dual Shocks | Folding Compact ebike

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  • Strong Built and Compact: Built with metal frame, this compact bike is easy to maneuver and fun to ride. An electric bike you can fold! Whether it’s storing your Gyrocopters Frost under your work desk or a closet in your home. it’s simple with Frost's easy folding mechanism.
  • Power and Speed: 350W highspeed motor offers the highest speed of up to 25 km/h. With 3-speed mode, you can choose to ride your Frost e-bike at a speed ranging from up to 15km/h, 20 km/h and 25 km/h. A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides a range up to 60 km when riders use pedal assist. Frost Electric Bike is all set to make your daily commute faster and more cost-effective.
  • Shock Absorber and Cruise Control: Gyrocopters Frost Electric Bike has a dual shock absorber that seamlessly absorbs bumps on the road. Additionally, it provides the convenience of cruise control for an effortless biking experience.
  • Comfort at its best: The handlebar placement fits well, as one can swiftly illuminate the headlight and rear lights. The adjustable seat and speed sensor allow riders to enjoy Gyrocopters Frost Electric Bike comfortably.
  • We take care of Safety: Gyrocopters Frost Electric Bike offers smooth acceleration with super responsive rear dual disk brakes, speed sensor, and UL2879 approved.
  • Know your battery status: Gyrocopters Frost compact e-bike takes up to 3 - 4 hours to charge and comes with a battery display.

Gyrocopters Frost E-Bike is one of a kind that offers a one-step folding bike. Its simple design makes this electric bike easily portable to store in your vehicle for various travel adventures. 

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