Useful Tips To Maintain Your Hoverboard So It Lasts

Useful Tips To Maintain Your Hoverboard So It Lasts

With Christmas having just passed not too long ago, gifting a hoverboard may have been on your list of things to give. As pricey gifts (because who are we kidding, a good hoverboard is never cheap), it would be comforting to know it is being taken care of to last so that as the gift giver, you know you got your money's worth. As a new shiny toy however, proper maintenance tips may not always be known so don't worry, you don't have to panic search anymore. 

Make Sure Your Hoverboard is Charged

Before the hoverboard is ridden, ensure that there is a full charge so the rider can really take full advantage of its speed and range. A typical charge time takes 2-3 hours, in which time it is important to NOT overcharge your hoverboard's battery. This can cause the battery to wear down a lot faster, giving a shorter ride time, and ultimately shortening the lifespan of the hoverboard. 

It's also equally important to not leave the the hoverboard sitting dead. This can harm the health of the battery preventing it from charging, and creating the need to get the battery replaced. It's recommended for the times the hoverboard is not in use to charge the battery a few times a month to keep the battery active. Think of it like your car, you wouldn't leave it sitting for weeks on end with no use because that will affect the car's battery life. The same applies to your hoverboard.

Give It Time To Cool Down

After a while of riding/usage, hoverboards can heat up pretty easily, just like your smartphone does after it's used continuously. This isn't anything to be alarmed about, all you have to do is let your hoverboard rest and cool down after a heavy riding session before you plug the charger in and use it again. This allows your hoverboard's battery to get back down to a safe state to charge. 

Stay Clear of Water

This should come as no shock to you that as an electrical device, it doesn't get along too well with water, hates it actually, like ants hate Raid. While some hoverboards do have a water resistance level, it's best to try to keep the hoverboard as dry as possible. This means refraining from riding through puddles, around water, or in heavy rain to risk any damage. With most warranty coverages water damage is not included, which means that's more money out your pockets to get it fixed and from one rich deficient person to another... it's not cheap, just putting that out there. 

Practice Safe Riding


It goes without saying that riding a hoverboard safely is an absolute must. They are unique devices to ride and like any motorized transport, they can be dangerous. So trying out tricks and such when you are not in full control of the board will not end well. A general rule of thumb is to be sensible when riding your hoverboard, they are meant to be used for fun and entertainment purposes,  but that doesn't mean getting reckless while riding. To maximize on the rider's safety, it is recommended to ride with protective gear (i.e. helmet, knee pads, etc.) should anything happen. 

Moral of the story is to guard the hoverboard with your life, treat it like it's a new baby in the family; you no longer have your own life, it is your life now. That's an extreme way to look at it, so on a more calmer note, keeping the given tips in mind will help to prolong the life of your hoverboard. There are additional tips given in the manual provided with your hoverboard if you need more specifics, but this is just a general overview of key things to in mind when maintaining your hoverboard so it lasts. 

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