Stressed About Gift ideas? We've Got You Covered

Stressed About Gift ideas? We've Got You Covered

We all know Christmas shopping can be a pain; having to find gifts for family and friends that they may like. We completely understand! To help you stress a little less, we have various options of gift ideas where at least one could be right for you.

Give the gift of E-Mobility this Christmas

The craze around hoverboards and electric scooters only seems to be growing, so why not give this gift of convenience to someone you love.

The Flash Electric Scooter or Zoom 2.0 Scooter can be used for commuting purposes or just riding around for fun, plus an easy folding mechanism so you can take it wherever you go.

If the person you are searching for a gift is more daring, then a hoverboard is perfect for them. With safe speeds, long ranges, and a quality build, it is highly unlikely your gift recipient will be upset with you for getting them one of these gift. Who doesn't like convenience?

A Smart Home is the best Home

There is no better time than winter when it comes to giving the gift of energy savings. Not only do smart home gifts help to save energy, but they also provide an extra set of hands where you didn't know you needed.

The IMGadgets Dual Port Smart WiFi Plug is that extra set of hands. Don't take our word for it? See what Canada's Top Electronics Retailer's reviewer had to say about it. By plugging in a device into the plug, you're able to control and monitor your household by using the SmartLife App to turn the device on or off. Even better, you can use the voice command feature to control the devices via Alexa or Google Home. Imagine that, being in bed and realizing you forgot to turn off the lamp in the living room BUT....instead of getting up and walking all the way there (we all know we can be that lazy sometimes), you just use the app or voice command to turn it off. Oh, the simple life is so nice. 

The simple life can also be achieved through Smart Lights.

The IMGadgets Smart LED light is where creativity meets lighting systems, Canada's Top Electronics Retailer's reviewer believes so himself. With 16 million colours to choose from and various shapes that can be made with the 6 blocks, whomever you give this gift to will never be bored. These lights can be used to decorate any room desired to provide diversified and joyful experiences the way traditional lighting systems and lamps cannot. These lights also have low power consumption levels with a built-in energy saving mode so you can enjoy the creative and alluring lights while saving money on light bills, who wouldn't want that?

Karaoke the Night Away

It's that season of Christmas parties and events, and what's better entertainment than a Karaoke machine?

The PrtyRckr Karaoke speaker is fun for the whole family for any indoor/outdoor event. Whether it's Christmas parties, family parties, office parties, going camping, to the beach, the cottage, or just having a good time with friends, the entertainment is unlimited. With 2 mics provided and Bluetooth, Aux, USB, or SD Card connectivity, the singing or just vibing out to music can go on for hours. You'd be surprised how many people enjoy Karaoke; despite how much they appear to not really be into it. So a speaker that is capable of Karaoke AND quality music playing? A Two-In-One? A gift can't get any better than this. 

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