March Break:  Kids Activities and Kids Toys

March Break: Kids Activities and Kids Toys

March Break brings in much fun for thousands of students, but a very curious question is ‘What do we do?’. The first break of the year 2023 brings immense joy among students and excitement to try activities that will occupy their time with some fun.  
Parents and kids are still hovering between indoor and outdoor activities for kids. While the weather is still getting better, here are a few fun Toys that will definitely keep the kids occupied while having fun.   
ATV:  The Hyper Quad Dirt ATV will be one of the fun activities for your kid if he or she loves riding ATV. Hyper Quad ATV is an electric 4-wheeler appropriate for kids Ages 12+ with a motor of 350W, 3-speed modes, Bluetooth Speakers, and an app that parents can fully control.  The ATV has an LED light design, making it a fun ride for outdoor activity after dark. The ATV is highly maneuverable and suitable for multiple terrains and inclines. Your child will enjoy hours of safe, reliable ride time. 
HOVERBOARDS: The hoverboards took off the market around the year 2016 and flooded with varieties in style over the period of time. Hoverboards are completely safe for kids to ride when certified with UL 2272 certification. Kids can enjoy indoor and outdoor rides with different hoverboard features, starting from Bluetooth for music or LED lights to add fun. What better than having your kid learn to balance and stay safe while exploring their rides? Kids introduced to hoverboards love how simple and intuitive the ride is. Check out our bestsellers and wide range of hoverboards that suit all ages:  
HOVERKARTS: Adding to the hoverboard ride will make the rider go faster, bringing in a thrilling experience for fun. Designed for performance and control, hover karts add adventure with no compromise in safety for kids to enjoy their break time. Check out Gyrocopter Hoverkarts  X3 with LED wheels because who does not like lights, right? Gyrocopters Hoverkart X3 Hoverboard Attachment – IMGadgets Gyrocopters X4, which provides great fun as well as X4 is equipped with suspension springs to absorb shock from bumps easily and turns to give you a smoother ride. Gyrocopters Hoverboard Hoverkart X4, Seat for Your Hoverboard – IMGadgets 
ELECTRIC SCOOTER:  Scooters are one of the easy ones for kids who are starting with e-mobility products. Designed for kids aged 4 and onwards, it’s one of the best, most portable, convenient, and affordable options for all who want their kids to start enjoying the e-mobility ride. Offering various, features in range, colors, styles, and lights you can pick the best that suits a kid’s ability to ride. Click now to find the wide range of Gyrocopters E-scooters:  
Make this March Break a memorable one with our fun gadgets and Gyrocopters E-Mobility products. 

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