Keep The Christmas Spirit Alive Indoors

Keep The Christmas Spirit Alive Indoors

With all the uncertainty 2020 has brought, the pandemic affecting Christmas came as no surprise, but it still sucked to hear. Depending on where you are, you may be spending Christmas indoors this year. I know, it hurts me just saying that...BUT, hold back the tears because there are multiple ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive instead of being in a Christmas funk. If there was ever a time to use your imagination to get creative with an idea, it would be now. 

Bobbing For Candy Canes

Almost everyone is familiar with the game bobbing for apples, only this time there'd be a Christmas spin to it. Instead of using apples, you would replace them with candy canes! To make it even more fun, you could add different rules to make it a little more challenging i.e. not being allowed to use your tongue to help scoop the candy cane, only using your teeth. You can even fill the bobbing container with eggnog (if you're bold enough), instead of water to really bring a Christmas vibe to it. The memories will create itself with this game. 

Christmas Movie Marathon

With all the festivities that surround Christmas, it's damn near impossible to not watch at least one Christmas movie during the Christmas season. The sappy, emotional, and/or humorous storylines that always end on a note of love undoubtedly draws you in. Which is why having a Christmas movie marathon is a common activity to get you in the Christmas Spirit (and in your feelings if we're being honest). Just picture yourself drinking hot chocolate, cuddled up under a blanket on your bed or couch with your favorite snacks, a Christmas scented candle lit in the back, getting ready to watch one of the latest Holiday movies on Netflix....I'm already relaxed.

Decorating Your Favorite Desserts

The food lover in me immediately gravitates to all the Christmas snacks and desserts that come with Christmas, so having some time put aside to decorate those desserts is all the more fun. Whether you're with family, friends, or enjoying the time with yourself, decorating your favorite treats is a fun way to pass time, especially if you put a little challenge to it. For example, with your desired decorations laid out (i.e. frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chip, etc.), you could put a minute timer for each person to decorate, and the best to decorate in that time gets to choose the movie for the night, or the worst to decorate in that time has to clean up the mess made. Christmas is all about having fun, and this is one way to get into it. 

Holiday Karaoke 

Along with Christmas movies being a favorite seasonal activity, so is the joy that comes with singing Christmas songs. While I may be tone deaf when it comes to singing, that does not stop my love for singing my favorite holiday tunes. And what's a better way to have others hear your lovely singing than with a karaoke speaker. It makes for a fun time with the family, friends, or with yourself, as you belt out "Baby It's Cold Outside", singing both parts because yes, you are that talented. 

Christmas may be different this year, but that doesn't mean it has to be less enjoyable. Get creative with different ideas to keep the Christmas spirit alive and continue making memories. The pandemic has taken a lot this year, but we can still salvage some of the happiness that comes with Christmas. 

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