Repair in No Time

Repair in No Time

The IMGadgets original wave buds are a quality set of earphones with many different features like HD twin microphones, touch control, sweat/water resistance, long lasting battery, and more. Like any other Bluetooth earbuds you have purchased, you may rarely come across some slight connectivity issues, but don't freak out! For the IMGadgets original wave buds all it takes is a quick and easy 10 second reset process and they're good to go!

How to Reset/Pair Earbuds

The first thing you're going to do is delete the connected Bluetooth name from your device by selecting "Forget/remove this device" from your list of available Bluetooth options. This will erase any current connections between your device and the earbuds, allowing for a new connection

Next you're going to open the charging case and put back the two earbuds inside with a magnetic clicking sound confirming they are connected successfully  

After you will press and hold the top of both earbuds with two different fingers while in the case for 8-10 seconds until the red lights flash 3 times. These flashing lights indicate that the earbuds have been reset

You can now take out the earbuds to re-pair with your Bluetooth device and get back to listening to music you love!

See, that wasn't so bad at all with plenty of time leftover. While playing songs, depending on what you're doing, both earbuds also work independently. What this means is that if you decide you only want to use one earbud to listen to music and leave the other in the case, you can. There are built in mics in each earbud as well so either one can be used individually for a phone call! Simply reset and you can get back to escaping with your music as you vibe.  

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