Fun Family Day Ideas At Home To Make The Day More Enjoyable

Fun Family Day Ideas At Home To Make The Day More Enjoyable

Family Day is fast approaching, and while most have us have been spending a lot of time with our family members indoors due to the pandemic, now we have a designated day to spend even MORE time with them to make it all the more special ✨. As the pandemic will likely still be happening when this day comes, the family fun may be limited but it's still possible to have fun indoors/outdoors while being safe and COVID friendly. Here's some inspiration for activities you can do that'll make the day memorable:

Make a Meal Together

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, coming together to whip up a meal is one way to get everybody talking and enjoying each other's company. Each person can even be assigned their own dish (i.e. making the pancakes for breakfast), putting their own style to it if they choose to, and when it's time to eat each person's cooking skills gets put to the taste test. Plus with everyone doing their own thing, there's less chances of arguments from butting heads ( can hope). Regardless of the dish, it'll be a fun memory to look back on from the laughter, and potential errors that comes with cooking together.

Put On a Show

This is where everyone gets to put on their acting hats. For however long you wish, each person can act like another family member, dressing like them too to really get into character. You'll be humorously surprised and entertained seeing how other family members view you, but remember to keep it light hearted and fun before feelings get hurt. The idea here is happy memories, not traumatic ones. 

Try a Cultural Dish

In relation to making a meal together, you can add to the fun by choosing an exotic dish from another country to make. Start by randomly choose a country on a globe or map, read a short introduction to the nation's culture, then finding a signature dish from that country to try making. This is a fun experience to open yourself and family up to other cultures.

Create a Time Capsule

I'm sure many of you have heard of this activity but probably haven't gotten around to actually try's the time! Make those memories last for years by sealing them in the ground. Simply ask everyone to bring something special that can fit in a small box (i.e. shoe box size), then dig a hole to hide the capsule for a few years. When a couple Family Days have passed, you'll be able to dig up the capsule and look up the memories of a past time with your past selves. It'll definitely bring a pleasant nostalgia. 

Make a Family Sized Fort


We all know this as an activity usually meant more for kids, so just imagine the fun trying to build a fort as adults, for adults. You may be thinking "ugh that sounds lame", BUT, stacking pillows, furniture, blankets, etc., in ways to form a structure is not as easy as it sounds, and requires some creativity, enter the fun. And if you want to hit a family member with a pillow while building this fort then hey, it's all part of the fun fort building process. 

Having fun and spending time with your family doesn't need to be a chore, there are ways to make that time more enjoyable. I get it, we may not all be family people and that's completely fine, to each their own. The great thing about these ideas is that they can be done with friends too, or even by yourself (except idea #2, unless you get really creative with it). The fact of the matter is, enjoy the day with who you wish, because family is who make it. 

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