Hoverboard Safety

Hoverboard Safety

Hoverboards have become one of the hottest forms of personal transportation and leisure over the past few years. Much like the Back to the Future boards, people are all but hovering around on these cool wheeled devices.

Like any electronic product, they come with safety concerns and warning labels.  Just like you wouldn’t leave your curling iron on unattended or leave the cover of your blender off, you need to read the labels and follow instructions.

With hoverboards, you need to look for the UL Certified sticker.  The limited incidences which have occurred with these devices have come from cheap hoverboards putting safety second to design. This has caused the lithium ion batteries in these hoverboards, in isolated incidences, to catch fire.

With UL Certified Hoverboards, a casing is placed around the battery in order to protect the hoverboard from catching fire.  Should the battery overheat and catch fire, the damage will be limited to the casing and not cause harm to the rider.

IMgadgets in Toronto carries the only UL Certified hoverboards in Canada, Gyrocopters.

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