Don't Dread Going Back to School

Don't Dread Going Back to School

We've reached that time of summer slowly coming to an end, and going back to school thoughts start to creep back in 😭, I know, it's a sad time. Especially in today's climate, going back to school isn't the same as it used to be with methods of learning/teaching changing to uphold safety measures as a result of Covid-19. Even so, it's still going back to school time, and there's always a little bit of sadness that comes with that. But all the fun doesn't have to end when summer does, there are few back to school items you can get to help make the school year a little less dreadful, and more enjoyable. 

Earbuds to Make Classes Easier 

One of the few joys of going back to school is seeing your friends again and/or meeting new people (and getting an education but that's besides the point). While this can still happen, it's not to the same extent as possible before because of covid-19, as a lot of classes are now online to minimize close proximity physical interactions. Which means, practicing more discipline to watch the videos or attend the zoom classes (which is the hard part of online classes if we're being honest) and actually hearing what the teacher/professor is saying. This is where the Wave Pods Pro come in, offering incredibly clear sound as you join your classes, along with a stable connection range up to 10 meters, so you can make food and still be attentive to the class, I'd say that a win-win. 

Keep Your Essentials Charged

There's nothing more annoying than having something die or not work when you need it to. I've felt this frustration more times than I'd like with my phone dying or my headphones not having enough charge right when I'm about to work 🙄. A dual wireless charger minimizes all that stress by just placing your phone and/or headphones on the charging base, and carrying on with your work. The days of forgetting to charge your things have decreased (because let's be honest, we're still forgetful people), simply place, and go.

Safer Ways to Get to School

With the return to school, along with the safety of kids while at school being a concern, there is still an underlying concern for the safest way for kids to get to school. That being, a way that involves the least amount of physical contact to be made. Public transportation isn't the ideal option as it involves many people being in close proximity to each other. As a parent, you can just take your child to school, but there is another option with the use of electric scooters. Depending on the range of the commute and comfort level, electric scooters can save time, money, keep the rider at a safe distance from others, all while being economically friendly. Give yourself one less stress in terms of safety when returning to school. 

As it is a time of readjustment in this new age of going back to school, make things a little easier with school supplies that make the return to school just a little more exciting. 

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