3 Ways to Improve How You Work

3 Ways to Improve How You Work

With the current state of this panorama (Covid), there are some of us that are able to return to work, or are able to work remotely. For the lucky ones that have been, or are now working from home, there's a special kind of love/hate relationship that comes with it. One the one hand you're always home; no more worrying about getting up early to have enough time to get to work, preparing lunch, putting on work attire, and being free to choose your work setting, all from the comfort of your home. On the other hand you're always home, which can make you a little stir-crazy after some time consistently being in the same environment.  However, there are ways to counter the crazy by adding some little changes to your typical work day routine.

Go For a Walk While You Work 

I know when first reading that, it doesn't make any sense at all, how can you walk while you work ?? But, there's a way to do so that's a lot easier than it sounds. If you're not aware, sitting -whether at a desk or elsewhere- for long periods of time is not beneficial to your health. With a walking pad treadmill, you can simply go for walk whenever you feel to stretch your legs without abandoning your tasks. The sleek and foldable design allows it to fit easily under your desk, with built-in roller wheels so you can transport it to your desired place to walk. Get your steps as you work; two birds with one stone. 

Do More with Less

Depending on the type of work you do, you may need two monitors to help with the efficiency of your work, but what if you could be just as efficient with one? Having a two-in-one monitor makes multi-tasking a lot easier, and saves you desk space to place other work items. The 21:9 screen ratio gives you more display space than the standard 16:9 monitor, along with a wider colour gamut for a more precise visual presentation. You'll be surprised how less fatigued and more efficient your work days become. 

Never Miss a Thing

One of the top 10 most annoying things is having your phone die on you when you need it, or realizing your phone wasn't charging when you thought it was. One way to avoid these annoyances would be to get yourself a MagSafe charger (granted you have an iPhone 12 or up). The magnetic attachment of this charger to the back of your phone guarantees a consistent charge to your phone, as well as continued mobility so you're still free to use your phone as you wish. Now your work days no longer have that charging stress so you can keep taking work calls, making notes, etc. 

Your work days don't need to be dreary or feel tedious, add some spice to your days to make it just a little more durable. 

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