Make Gyrocopters E-Mobility Scooters Your New Way to Commute

Make Gyrocopters E-Mobility Scooters Your New Way to Commute

Transportation is a necessary part of everyone's day, especially working individuals. In today's economy with the fluctuating prices associated with various transportation methods, it is costing you more to get to your desired destinations than it needs to. Depending on the distance you need to cover, the Gyrocopters e-mobility scooter will save you money on your short distance commutes. 

If your transportation method is by car, the rising gas prices in Canada has led to an increase with how much it costs to fill your tank for transportation. Below is a breakdown of approximate monthly costs with buying gas: 

Along with the additional costs included with maintaining a car, if you work in a city, you are acquiring more costs with paid parking fees as well.


As a student, purchasing this scooter will save you money with commuting to and from school via transit or by car. You will be able to save more money and time getting to class and/or work. With the e-mobility scooter, after the one time purchase, there is no more money being put into it. Your savings begin instantly as there is no need for continued refueling or paying for transit; simply recharge the economically friendly scooter for transportation. With that in mind, if you travel roughly 20 km for work or any other commuting needs you may have, owning this scooter is ideal for you and your savings.

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