Just How Safe Are Hoverboards In 2020?

Just How Safe Are Hoverboards In 2020?

By now, we're all familiar with the concerns that surround hoverboards from the 2015-2016 craze of hoverboards being a fire risk. Though they became very popular as a fun new method of personal transportation for kids and adults, this risk of catching fire posed a serious problem with the safety and use/benefits of these e-mobility products. This led to a drastic decline in sales, and even the banning of these products from all major retail stores and websites.


However, that wasn't the end of hoverboards. Following the initial hazardous nature of hoverboards (from being cheaply made and unregulated), this brought the new UL certification for hoverboards. This certification ensures the safety of consumer products by undergoing multiple rigorous tests to check they are safe in all aspects to be UL2272 certified. With this new certification being instilled, it did a grave justice in putting consumers at ease with being able to trust the safety of hoverboards again, as UL2272 certified boards are NOT a fire risk. Because of these new safety measures, these e-mobility products are making a massive comeback, and now the only thing exploding is how much fun you can have while riding!

Things to keep in mind

While hoverboards are a lot safer to ride now, they are a few things to keep in mind to ensure hoverboard safety when riding:

  • ONLY buy hoverboards that are UL2272 certified. There are still many hoverboards for sale that don't have this certification which should be avoided as you can't be sure if they're a fire risk 
  • Buy from a trusted source. If the price seems significantly lower than other hoverboards, it may not be genuinely UL2272 certified. Also check the reviews for further brand reputability
  • Always check for a UL mark on the package and for the UL holographic certification label (usually on the bottom of the board)


  • Don't overcharge your hoverboard. It's recommended to follow the charging times given in the manual with the board to keep the battery safe
  • Keep your hoverboard away from flammable items when charging 
  • Adhere to the weight requirements of the hoverboard so that it aligns with the size of the rider, this is important to successfully control the hoverboard. Avoid adding extra stress on the battery by exceeding the weight limit which compromises your safety when riding 
  • As kids tend to go all-in when they try new things, the max speed of hoverboards can be a little worrisome. Some hoverboards are built for speed (reaching 19-20 km/h), so make sure to check the max speed of your desired hoverboard is within a range of 7-12 km/h for kids to ride safely
  • With the adventurous nature of youngsters riding, it's important to ensure the hoverboard has treaded rubber tires to provide proper traction and grip on surfaces when riding
  • Stay clear of smooth foot pads on hoverboards. It's crucial your hoverboard has non-slip foot pads for better balance and grip while riding
  • Always wear proper safety gear when riding as accidents can still happen 

So the big question is... are hoverboards safe in 2020? They are! But with these tips in mind, you do have to do your part to properly research your hoverboard of interest to avoid knockoffs, and make sure you're getting a safe and certified hoverboard so you can enjoy riding stress-free. 

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