Replacement parts for Gyrocopters Flash Pro Max

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Parts Specification 

  • 42V 1.5A for Electric ScooterBatteries
  • Inner tube for 10 Inch Tires
  • 10 Inch Tires


 Before riding, please read the User Manual carefully, and follow all Safety Precautions. Low temperature will affect the lubrication of moving parts inside the scooter increasing internal resistance. At the same time, in low temperatures, the discharge capacity and the capacity itself of the battery will be significantly decreased. Do not ride on icy or slippery surfaces

Before you first experience your Gyrocopters Flash  Pro Max Electric Scooter, please read the USER MANUAL thoroughly and learn the basics to ensure your safety and the safety of others. It is highly recommended that your initial Gyrocopters experience be with a spotter who can assist you in centering your balance


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