IMGadgets In-Ear Stereo Headphones l TWS True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Wave Earbuds

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Feel the beauty of music. IMGadgets original wave buds, compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, brings a new experience to listening to music. Fall in love with the mesmerizing sound quality as you get lost in your music. The reviews speak for themselves!

Enhanced Bluetooth 
These earphones come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which means it has a built-in energy-saving mode to reduce power usage and preserve battery life, improved speed, and greater operating range. These wave buds also have a dual audio feature that allows you to connect to two separate devices at the same time. So you can connect one earbud to your phone and the other to your laptop for example for more versatility! 

HD Twin Microphones 
Connect, listen, and talk with microphones in both earphones for better clarity when speaking. This way you are not limited to one earbud when answering a call

Long-Lasting Battery
With 25 hours of power supply, on a full charge using the stereo call and music feature, you can listen to music or talk friends and family all day without worrying about your headphones dying 

Sensor Controls 
No more dealing with buttons to turn on earphones, using the magnetic power on/off button and touch controls to pause, play, or skip music, answering and ending calls. Experience the freedom touch sensors bring to maximize your audio experience 

Graphene Coating Diaphragm 
This extraordinary coating is durable against cracks and water while being corrosion and chemical resistant. With a water resistance rating of IPX5, this ensures that your earbuds last you a long time 

How to Reset your Ear Buds
  1. Delete the connected Bluetooth name by selecting "Forget this device" from your Bluetooth enabled device
  2. Open the charging case and put back the two earbuds inside the charging case
  3. Press and hold the back of both earbuds with two different fingers for 8-10 seconds until the red lights flash 3 times.
  4. Then you can take out the earbuds to re-pair with your Bluetooth device to use




 Click here for the Manual 

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  • IMGadgets, Iphone - were working fine until 2 days ago. Earbuds seem to be charging and pairing, but then no sound out of R earbud. I've tried resetting many times. Sometimes shows up on phone BT, sometimes not. When it does, the Left bud works, but n sound out of right. I can hear the right bud saying "pairing" with the short chimes, but then, no sound! Please help!

    Please email our customer support team at with your order id/order number for assistance.

  • I’m not getting any sound out of the left earbud. Flashing red and green. I tried resetting the earbuds but it didn’t help. What do I do?

    Please email us about the issue along with your order id/order number and our customer service team can assist you.