Gyrocopters Whiz Foldable Electric Bike | 3-Stage Fold Compact e-bike | 350 W Motor |Speed up to 25kmh |PAS Range up to 67 km |3-Riding modes |Dual disk brakes| UL2849 Safe Folding Ebike

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Gyrocopters Whiz Electric Bike highly features a larger body size and lightweight metal frame. Its sturdy and foldable design makes it an excellent choice for city commuting and leisurely rides. This unique e-bike is mounted on 16-inch wheels with a highly comfortable seat. Whiz 3-fold portable electric bike is a perfect stylish e-bike, very appealing for city travel or cycling in the suburbs.

Powerful Motor and Battery:  Highlighted by its powerful motor and battery, the Whiz foldable electric bike features a brushless 350 W drive motor, delivering a distinctive riding experience. The lithium battery, with a capacity of 36V 7.5AH, enables longer rides on this foldable e-bike. With a quick charging time of just 4 hours, it offers a mileage of up to 67 km in assisted mode, reaching a maximum speed upto 25 km/h.

Brakes and Tires: Ensuring safety, the Gyrocopters Whiz electric bike has dual disk brakes, providing reliable braking performance. The anti-skid tires enhance the riding experience, offering stability on various terrains. Whiz’s 16-inch vacuum tires are wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, flat-free, and ideal for navigating diverse terrains.

3 Riding Modes: The Whiz electric bike offers 3 working modes: pure electric, pedal assisted and normal riding mode. Whether you prefer a fully electric ride or one with assistance, this e-bike accommodates your preferred riding style.

Portability and safety: With its metal frame, the Whiz electric bike combines
portability and safety, making it suitable for daily commuting in the city. Whiz is a full folding e-bike and can be easily carried on buses and trains or conveniently stored in a car trunk. Whiz is UL 2894 Approved.

Integrated Functions: Whiz foldable e-bike comes with a bike handlebar that combines numerous practical functions that are user-friendly and instinctive in operation.

What’s in the Box:
1 x Whiz e-bike ,  1 x tool, 2x pedals, 1 x Charger , 1x Manual, 1 x feedback card

Before you first experience your Gyrocopters Whiz e- Bike,  please read the USER MANUAL (English, French) thoroughly and learn the basics to ensure your safety and the safety of others. It is highly recommended that your initial Gyrocopters experience is with a spotter who can assist you in centering your balance.

Customer Reviews

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Compact and PortableThe Whiz is so easy to fold and unfold, it's perfect for commuting. I can bri...

The Whiz is so easy to fold and unfold, it's perfect for commuting. I can bring it on the bus or store it in my car trunk with no issues.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

I was surprised by how smooth and comfortable the Whiz is to ride. The suspension and padded seat make it feel luxurious.

Awesome Range

I can easily get the claimed 67km range on a single charge. The battery life is very impressive for a compact folding e-bike.

Durable and Well-Built

The Whiz feels extremely solid and well-constructed. The metal frame and components seem built to last.

Versatile for Commuting

I use the Whiz for my daily commute and it's been a game changer. The motor makes hills a breeze and the range is more than enough.

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  • I just bought the whiz 350 foldable electric bike, and my first ride I noticed the back tire isn’t flat, yet as i ride and sit on the bike the tire feels deflated, is this a tire malfunction? Should I add more air? If so how much psi should it hold?

    Hey there, please be informed that the tire pressure range for the Whiz eBike is between 35 psi to 45 psi. If the air seems to be losing further, we'd suggest you get it diagnosed by a technician. Hope this clarifies!

  • what are the 2 riding modes????

    Hello There, The Whiz electric bike offers two riding modes: pure electric and assisted mode. Whether you prefer a fully electric ride or one with assistance, this e-bike accommodates your preferred riding style.
    Thank You

  • Hi, I am interessted in the Gyrocopters Whiz foldable electric bike, but I can't find anywhere in the description about any UL certification. Also, there is no mention if the batterey is removeable or how it can be charged, where is the port located for charging it? There is a mention about the frame being metal, what kind of metal? is it Aluminum? Thanks,

    Hello Zyassin, 
    Thank you for your query. We are happy to answer your questions. Our UL certification details are currently visible on the listing. The battery of Gyrocopters Frost is placed inside the body of the e-scooter; you can replace it with the help of a tool. We have attached the image of the charging port for your understanding. And the Gyrocopters Frost has an Iron frame. Hope this helps.