New Year, Same Pandemic; 5 Goals You Can Set For 2021

New Year, Same Pandemic; 5 Goals You Can Set For 2021

We've finally reached the end of this very challenging year, being no less than mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. This may not have you in the headspace to think of new things to achieve for the new year -understandably so- but setting up a few goals for ourselves, however big/small keeps us working on ourselves. We may not be having the start to 2021 the way we'd like, but we can still set goals for ourselves throughout to add some motivation to our daily life as we ride out this pandemic.

Get Into The Fitness Life

Whether you are a physically active person or not, having some physically activity in your life can only bring you benefits. The best part is, you don't need a gym for this, you can still engage in physical activity from home, and with all the time we're spending at home now, you might as well right? You can put on a YouTube workout video, get some lightweight home equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands, an at home foldable treadmill, or even just going for a run around your neighborhood (with a mask). It doesn't have to be anything crazy, even just a couple times a week, the energy boost and feel-good feeling afterwards is so worth it.

 Set Aside Time for Rest

2021 is the year of self-care, and part of that self-care includes resting your body when it needs. Some of us neglect this rest, not making it a priority compared to others things, but resting our bodies is important to make sure our physical and mental health is being taken cared of. 2020 was already a difficult year, let's take some time to show our bodies that care it needs to thrive this year. 

Learn a new skill

With all the extra time on our hands, instead of binging on Netflix on the couch or in bed with your snacks on deck (yes, I'm calling you out, it's been 3 days..) why not use that time to practice a new skill. It doesn't matter if you have a skill of interest, or have no idea what type of skill you'd learn, there are plenty of resources available (hint: google) where you can search and get help with learning a skill. You can practice your cooking skills, drawing skills, learn a new language, a new instrument, or even teaching your cat to use a toilet to keep things entertaining. This extra time at home is your oyster!

Create a Morning Routine You'll Stick To 

Getting up early in the mornings is not a cheerful experience for everyone. I know for me I need a minimum of 1 hour to warm up, that first hour I am just a grouch, and should not be mingled with. Creating a morning routine that's realistic can make such a difference from waking up miserable and wanting to go back to sleep, to actually enjoying being awake and functional. Starting the day off in a positive mood really sets the tone for the day, and gives you more time in the day to get stuff done.

Start a Gratitude Journal


As rough as this year was, there's no doubt that some, if not most of us may have been overwhelmed mentally and emotionally focusing more on the negatives we're experiencing, compared to the positive. While it's good to be aware of societal occurrences, it is also important to remind yourself of the good going on in your life, which is where a gratitude journal comes in. On those bad days, or days you're feeling lower the normal, try to write down things you are grateful for to help turn your mood around and keep you grounded. You'll be surprised the mental relief this provides.

The goal setting process can be overwhelming to some, but it doesn't need to be! You can start with little goals like making your bed each morning, etc., and working your way up. You have the whole year to set goals for yourself, and achieve them; make it yours. 

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