MagSafe Chargers: The Good and the Bad

MagSafe Chargers: The Good and the Bad

The innovation with finding faster and easier ways to charge your devices continues to grow over time, and now the most convenient way of them all has seemed to arrive with MagSafe chargers. With simplicity and fast charging combined, these chargers are meant to provide the ultimate charging experience. But with the newness of these chargers, not much is known about their benefits, and potentially their downsides.

How Can It Benefit You?

One of the key benefits of MagSafe chargers is the improvement of wireless charging. Compatible with the new iPhones (12 and up) with a 15W power output, they are meant to provide a faster charge compared to all other wireless chargers. This is possible because unlike other wireless chargers that requires you to place your phone directly above the coil for an efficient charge, a MagSafe charger uses the built in magnets to properly align your phone with the charger. This removes the possibility of your phone not charging without you realizing because it wasn't placed on the charger properly. I know I'm not the only one that's woken up to frustration of my phone not charging over night like intended....really helps with the morning grumpiness. 

With a faster charge, you have more time in your day to do what you need to without worrying about having to leave your phone in one place to charge. Not only that, but there's also new possibilities when it comes to charging with a case. Apple has built-in MagSafe into the back of its silicone and clear cases which allows you to use MagSafe accessories even with a case on. This adds just a little more convenience to the charging process as you will not always need to remove your phone case in order to charge. 

What Are The Downsides?

The first issue is that MagSafe chargers can leave rings on the outer leather or silicone casings of your phone. This may not be a big issue to some, but it can be a concern to keep in mind for those who like to keep their phone cases pristine. 

In relation to your phone case, if you choose to charge your phone through the phone case, or simply have your cards between the MagSafe charger and your phone, it could damage the magnetic strip on your cards, and even passport. A simple solution to this is to just remove the cards or the case when charging so you can prevent this from happening. 

MagSafe chargers are an innovative way to charge that comes with advantages, and disadvantages. But in this case, the good outweighs the bad as there are simple solutions when encountering those issues. So in all, a MagSafe charger may just prove to be worth your while. 

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