How You Can Easily Protect Your Home and Mail

How You Can Easily Protect Your Home and Mail

With the current state of society being in lock down, the usual go-to of picking up things in person has gotten pretty bleak. As a result, ordering online is the best solution to get your essential and favorite items while remaining socially distant and safe. Maybe it's just me, but because of this quarantine, I'm ordering a LOT more things (that I probably don't need to be honest) because why not? I have the time kill anyway and it's a judgement free zone. The only issue with the influx of my packages being delivered, there is an increase in the possibility of it being stolen since signatures are currently no longer required to receive them. Instead, they have instilled a "knock, drop, and go" policy, where the delivery person will knock or ring the doorbell, drop the parcel off and leave. While it is for safety reasons for the delivery personnel and ourselves, it does make it a little harder for us to trust that our packages are safe once delivered since we can't physically see the package being delivered. 

However, an easy solution to this problem is The IMGadgets Floodlight Security Camera. It's a more affordable version of home security that helps you feel more safe while at home. With the camera you can set motion zones on your property which then send you notifications when someone is at your door. You are then able to communicate with them and see them via the two-way-talk and video feature through the app to instruct them on where they can safely leave your package whether you're home or not. This way, you are keeping yourself safe at a distance while ensuring your package has been placed in a safe place. You can also watch, record, and save videos to further ensure the safety of your home, sound a siren alarm if you see someone suspicious on your property, or even call 911 if you feel you or your home are in danger. 

Put yourself at ease when it comes to wondering and worrying if your package will be waiting for you when you get home (which I'm guilty of). With this camera you can easily give yourself that extra reassurance in the safety of your home and delivered packages. Simply set up the camera, relax, and watch everything from your phone. Who wouldn't want that type of ease? 

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