Guide to choosing the appropriate Electric Scooter

Factors to consider before purchasing Electric Scooter.
With the current generation and era, electric scooters in Canada have emerged as one of the popular E- mobility products. With the increase in the variety of electric scooters in the market, it’s difficult to choose the best one for your need. So next time when you are looking for an electric scooter, make sure you consider the mentioned points which will help you pick the most suitable product for your requirement.
An important thing to note is that a heavier E-scooter is most likely to have the most advanced features. To explain it well, a lighter electric scooter will consist of a smaller battery and will have restricted suspension. But depending on the capacity of the rider weight is a must thing to be considered while purchasing an electric scooter. Not to forget almost all electric scooters fold down, making them easier to carry and portable in buses, ferries, or cars.  
The tires and suspensions in any electric scooter decide the comfort. Wrong tires surely will give a body ache as well as a headache to the rider while riding on a rough road.  The two major categories of tires are solid rubber tires and air-filled tires. The first one, solid tires are more durable and do not go flat and the later air-filled tires might trouble you with holes with aggressive riding. The size of the tires makes a difference too. They generally come in 8 inches ranging up to 10 inches. The larger the wheel the smoother will be the ride, but larger tires also mean more space in storage compared to smaller ones.
The suspensions are a useful addition to scooters. Some scooters come with front suspension or full suspension which includes springs or air shocks for the rear. Having a suspension means an increase in weight as well as the cost of the e-scooter.  
Escooter motor
The electric scooters are powered by internal brushless motors. The powerful force that propels the scooter forward, is generated by magnets that are coupled with an electric charge. The power of an electric scooter is determined by watts, ‘W, as the maximum power output.
electric scooter motor
There are two main types of brakes in an electric scooter. They are the disk brakes, and drum brakes, which can be single or dual.    For an average commuter, drum brakes should be a fine option but if used for heavy braking, these can overheat but disk brakes can handle more stress. Disk brakes are also to be considered premium brakes with high maintenance which offer more support in handling stress.
Mostly all-electric scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Always make sure to look for the brand, size, and voltage of the battery. Battery size is always determined by AH which means Amp hours. If the AH is higher, the capacity of the battery is larger and hence it can go further in comparison to others.
It’s always wise to choose a brand you can trust when it comes to warranty and repairs. Having its own team with skilled and expert service in E-mobility products will always be an added advantage.
Hope this article helped you in making your decision. You can check out our wide range of e-mobility products which has a popular collection of electric scooters.


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