Gift Ideas for Father's Day That Show You Care

Gift Ideas for Father's Day That Show You Care

Father's Day is slowly and quickly approaching, which means we actually have to decide on what to get and not put it off anymore. If you're like me, shopping for your dad isn't always easy. You're never really sure what to get, and usually end up getting something standard and basic like a tie, mug, shirt, cologne, etc., since he insists on not needing anything, which doesn't help at all (you know how it goes). So this year, let's change things up a bit with gifts he wouldn't expect; 2020 is already a year to remember, let's make it one for Father's Day too. 

Unleash His Inner Scooter Enthusiasts

With businesses starting to reopen, that means the joy of commuting is about to pick back up *stares into camera*. Driving a car is great and all, expect when you're stuck in traffic, and living in Toronto with that morning and evening rush, ends up being like every 5 ft. It sucks even more when the commute is not that far (1-20 km), so why not get a gift that says "hey, you don't have to be stuck in traffic anymore " and also saves time and money. That all-in-one gift is an Electric Scooter! It's perfect for his short work commutes, saving him time for other things he enjoys, while cutting down the need to pay for gas or parking. While on these commutes, he can mount his phone on the scooter to easily answer calls, play music, or track his directions on Google Maps, all while riding safely with the free helmet included. Sounds nice right? Plus, if your dad wasn't an outdoorsy person before, this scooter will most likely make him one with the fun that comes with cruising on the scooter, especially in the summer. This, my friend, is what you call a...


DIY Home Security

With the world today, you can never be too safe, with packages being stolen, potential break-ins, etc. If your dad is more of a hands on, do-it-yourself kind of guy, then installing his own security system is right up his alley. He can easily set it up inside or outside his home and begin reaping the benefits. All accessible from his phone or tablet, he'll be able to access 24 hours video coverage and storage, a two-way talk feature that allows him to talk to his guests without needing to go to the door, customize motion zones to sound alerts when someone enters his property, and call 911. It's basically home security at a fraction of the costs with all the benefits that he has complete control of without being tied to monthly payments. Now you may need to help him set up the app on his phone since the older generation can be a litttlee bit -let's say- technologically slow. But, now that becomes an added part of the gift; a home security system AND quality time together, that's a 2-for-1 special right there. 

 Fun Has No Limits

There's no age limit on when having fun must end, and even if your dad isn't on the more adventurous side, having his own Go Kart will definitely bring it out of him. It's easy to install, use, widely compatible with a variety of different sized hoverboards, and has an adjustable frame length so that both adults and kids can enjoy this riding experience. It's a fun gift that he'd never expect that gets him to try new things he may not have even thought of. Build that adventurous side of your dad and see his inner daredevil come out. 

If these gifts don't really match the type of guy your dad is, don't worry, we have more gift ideas to help make your gift a little different this year. To make this gift even better, until June 22,2020, you can use the code "DADLUV" for an extra $10 off towards your purchase! There's something for every dad, it just takes doing that little extra search to find what he might like, despite his claim to not want/need anything. 

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