Keep Yourself Entertained While Indoors

Keep Yourself Entertained While Indoors

With the occurrence of Covid-19, we have all been advised to stay indoors with minimal human contact to avoid further spreading until the virus is contained and under control. Till that happens, it's very easy to run out things to do with alll this time inside, I've already watched You season two again but in Spanish just to feel like I'm watching something new....I know, the boredom is real. But fun doesn't have to only happen outdoors, which is why we have some easy solutions to make this quarantine time indoors a little more bearable and fun!

Ride Around 

 Make use of all that empty floor space in your house with riding a hoverboard. Whether you're new to it or have some experience riding, It's simple fun that takes up time as you learn to ride or learn some tricks. You won't even realize the time as you try to maneuver your new toy. You can also play music as you ride for even more fun


Dance Party Time 

With all this time indoors it's the perfect time to have those dance parties you've been too busy to have, or put off having. Simply connect your phone to the IMGadgets LifeSmart LED Lights and watch the sync to music feature bring your party and days to life. Lower the lights in the designated party room, plug in the lights and it becomes a whole vibe. 


Keep Kids Learning

This quarantine period also lead to the temporary closure of schools. However, you can still keep your kids learning while at home with The IMGadgets STEM learning coding robot. With multiple functions and different activities to learn from, it'll make the time go by that much faster for you and your kids.  

Who knows how much longer we're going to be quarantined at home for, so might as well make that time fun with different options available to keep yourself and/or your kids active and moving!

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