A Safe Christmas > No Christmas

A Safe Christmas > No Christmas

We're only a few days away from Christmas, and while the Christmas joy may be a little bleak this year, does not mean it's canceled. Whether you are in a city that is currently undergoing a lockdown or not, keeping safe Covid-19 practices in mind through the holidays will only help us in the long run to overcome this pandemic. To keep this Christmas safe so we can enjoy more to come, here are some guidelines to keep in mind

  • Refrain from having large social gatherings indoors or outdoors beyond those in your immediate household. This includes family members, friends, or people you trust. The less interaction, the lesser the chances of spreading to others
  • If you live alone and/or require additional support, you are eligible to join another household without exceeding the recommended number of 10 people 
  • It is still recommended to wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance from anyone who doesn't live with you 
  • Avoid all non-essential travel unless absolutely necessary
  • Only leave your home for essential reasons, including for work, school, groceries, or health related reasonings 
  • Continue washing your hands as much as possible, and where not possible, ensuring you are using a form of hand disinfectant to keep your hands clean

These practices just provide a structure to celebrating Christmas safely, but you can still enjoy this special day with those you can, having video calls with those you can't so it feels like you're all together. The safer we are, the faster the outcome. 

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