Re-certified Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 Portable Electric Scooter

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Re-certified Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 Portable Electric Scooter-  (Refurbished, open box)!

30 Day Warranty - Factory re-certified by Gyrocopters' Technicians. 
These are described as fully functional, however they may have cosmetic markings.

We can not send pictures of any individual re-certified Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 Portable Electric Scooters

Final Sale - returns will not be accepted on re-certified Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 Portable Electric Scooters.

Save Money and Ride More

Get there in style in our sleek and stylish Gyrocopters Zoom 2.0 electric scooter. This Eco-friendly e-scooter features long mileages, fast speeds and rattle-free rides. Weighing only 8 kg and made with a slim alloy frame and 5.5-inch deck, this mobility scooter is perfect for neighborhood adventures, trips to the park, or daily commutes. 

Robust Aluminum Frame
Scooter’s aluminum frame is corrosion resistance for added durability. Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 scooter is light weight and only weighs about 8 kg, it is portable and makes it easy to maneuver around stairs and pavements with an ease.


Rattle-Free Smooth Ride 
Solid Tires and a built-in suspension helps smooth out bumpy rides. Scooter is designed to coast slowly when battery is extremely low before coming to a complete stop. These features ensures safety of the rider.

Safety Lights
Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 Scooter features Ultra-bright headlights and red taillights for braking, which are crucial for night riding. Taillight flashes while braking, which warns other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

Smart Battery 
Several 18650 lithium ion batteries deliver up to 12 km of range on a single charge. In order to extend battery life, Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 Scooter converts and stores kinetic energy (KERS) during acceleration into electric power. With regenerative braking, both emergency braking and battery life are improved.

Ride with Ease
Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 scooter features anti-slip handle for a strong grip while riding. With controlled acceleration, just a right amount of pressure is sufficient to ride the scooter at a comfortable speed.

Riding Conditions
Gyrocopters ZOOM 2.0 scooter has a water resistance rating of IPX5 for the whole body. 

* Travel distance is measured when there is no wind, the scooter is fully charged to ride at even speed of 15km/h on a flat surface with a load of approx 60 kg. 

Speed varies based on the weight and height of the rider as well as riding conditions.

What's in the Box:

  • 1x Re-certified Gyrocopters Zoom 2.0 Scooter
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x User Manual

Before riding, please read the User Manual carefully, and follow all Safety Precautions. Low temperature will affect the lubrication of moving parts inside the scooter increasing internal resistance. At the same time, in low temperatures, the discharge capacity and the capacity itself of the battery will be significantly decreased. Do not ride on icy or slippery surfaces

Before you first experience your Gyrocopters Zoom 2.0 Electric Scooter, please read the USER MANUAL thoroughly and learn the basics to ensure your safety and the safety of others. It is highly recommended that your initial Gyrocopters experience be with a spotter who can assist you in centering your balance.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review


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