IMGadgets Dual Port Smart Wifi Plug with USB Port, No hub required - compatible w/ Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Smart wifi plug
Smart Plug
Smart Wifi Plug
Smart Wifi Plug
Smart wifi plug from IMgadgets
Dual smart plug USB
Smart Wifi Plug
Smart Wifi Plug

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Control and monitor your household devices with the 2 in 1 Dual Port Smart Wifi Plug from IMGadgets. Just plug in the device that you want to control remotely and use the SMART LIFE app to access them from anywhere! With 2 smart plug-in ports, you can now control twice as many devices at your personal convenience. The reviews speak for themselves!

IMGadgets Smart Plug


2 in 1 Ports

IMGadgets Smart Plug has two smart ports, each can be used to plug in a different device. In addition to the two smart ports to control your devices, it also has 2 additional USB ports for your use. Go ahead charge your smart devices while the plug's ports are occupied. 

Compact Design 

Compact housing makes the IMGadgets Smart Plug considerably small than other smart plugs. It blends into your outlet and room decor and won't block adjacent power socket. This means you can connect two smart plugs in a regular wall socket and can control 4 devices using only 1 socket in your house or office.

Voice Control Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Just tell it what to do! IMGadgets Smart Plug is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so that you can simply use your voice command to control the devices at your home.

Scheduling Function

 IMGadgets Smart Plug has a scheduling function that enables you to automatically turn on and off your devices at a pre-scheduled time.

Away Mode

Ideal for frequent travelers, the away mode option in IMGadgets Smart Plug enables you to give the appearance that someone is always at home.

Remote Access

With the IMGadgets Smart Plug, you can check to see if connected devices are on or off, even when you're away from home. Enjoy peace of mind by making sure you didn't leave the lights or your iron on. In case you did, switch them off without having to return home. And the smart plug's countdown feature lets you set a timer that switches it off automatically so you can set and forget any connected device.

Compatible with Android and iOS Devices

The SMART LIFE app is available on both Google Play and App store for free.

No Hub Required

The IMGadgets Smart Plug works with your existing home Wi-Fi without the need for a seperate hub or paid subscription service. 

Technical Details:

Size 1 Pack
Color White

Mini Plug



Input Voltage

100 - 240V

Max Amperage 10 A
Output Voltage

100 - 240V

Dual USB Charger

DC 5V / 2.1A


UL Approved, IFTT

Special Features

IMGadgets Dual Smart Plug - control your devices from anywhere, No Hub required, control two devices with one plug, compact design, works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Included Components

IMGadgets Dual Smart Plug, Quick Start Guide


Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review

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